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Horsin' Around

Since a young girl, I have always had a fondness for horses. However, severe anxiety led me astray from riding as I let fears overtake the joy I experienced when around horses.

In 2019, I spent several months in Florida working on overcoming fears and anxietty; equine therapy was an essential element. Though exteremly difficult at first due to numerous contaminatoin fears I had and anxiety about even going near the horse stables. Yet, it was during this challenging experience when I fell back in love with these majestic gentle giants and from there I was on a missin to find equine therapy back home.

In 2021, I discovered an amazing organization, Savannah Station, a therapeudic riding center in the OKC metro. It was here I rekindled my love and passion for riding. I started out riding Rubee- the two of us had a very special connection as I felt Rubee understood me, she has just one eye and I'm moslty blind. This commonality bonded us tightly, we got each other, and I always felt super comfortable riding Rubee girl. She taught me to get back in the saddle while also encouraging me with her own resiliency.

Over the few years I've ben riding at Savannah Station, I have worked with a few different horses helping acclimate the newer horses acclimated to claass and ready for more riders. VanGough is a stuborn, sweet boy. He challenged me and helped me remember to stay determined. Most recently, I've been riding Blue, a speedy, gentle soul. I love this speed demon with all my heart.

It was quite nerve racking to mount a horse for the first time in ages, although all my nerves were eased thanks to the incredible accommodations, dedicated instructors, ad servant volunteers that make ridmg possible as I am guided through every turn and trot. I am so thankful to Savannah Station, I truly have fall in love with riding all over again and riding is the highlight of my week!

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